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The purchase of an Iceland horse ia always a matter of the heard. Nevertheless, serval factors need to match. Character, level of eduction, health and looks are just some of them. Man and animal have to fit together.

At TheHorseSeller you can be sure we select the perfect match for you. We guide you on your journey to your Icelandic horse dream by offering several possibilities to choose your horse, to try it out and to get to know it.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you always have the option for cash back. No question asked.

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There are several possibilities for to find the matching horse. In the comfort of your own home, at our farm or on an Iceland tour.
It’s definitely going to be an unforgettable experience.

Iceland horse videos as much as you like

Pony TV

Watch our entertaining Icelandic horse videos. Learn more about our calm and easy horses. We show you the behaviour and character of the horses in different scenes and environments.

Find Your horse during Holiday

Iceland Tour

Discover the fascinating landscape of Iceland on a horse back. Get to know your new horse in different situations and original environment of Iceland.

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Meet us at our Stud Farm

We guide and find for you Your Icelandic Horse Dream. Take a ride in a beautiful landscape or save riding house and get in touch with your new Icelandic horse.

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Pony TV

Watch our Icelandic Horse Selection in entertaining Videos. Get in touch and get to know your horse. Our team will present the horse in different situations and environments in all possible gates.

Meet your new Icelandic Horse in Holiday

Iceland Tour

Discover the fascinating landscape of Iceland on a horse back. Get in touch and get to know your New Horse in different Situations or an exciting Riding Tour.

Try out & get to know

Visit our Farm

We guide you on the way to find the perfect match with your Icelandic horse. Take a ride in a beautiful landscape or save riding house and get in touch with your new Icelandic horse.

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Buying a horse is a matter of trust and a matter of the heart for us. In addition to our own Icelandic horse breeding, we cooperate with breeders, with have a proven track of excellent, easy and calm Icelandic horses. From there we export several times a year and on demand
It is particularly important to us that we guide and support you in your section process. You’ll get to know to the selection of the horses by pictures, descriptions, scorings and videos on the website. During an on-site appointment you will get to know your selected horse. We guide and accompany you from the first contact and as long as you need us. We offer After Sale Packages and are available to you for any questions any time

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We cooperate with

Icelands best Breeders

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Everything about Iceland Horses & FAQ

Of Course! The horse and you, you are welcome to get to know each other on a ride. Feel free to make an appointment with us and visit us on our stud farm.

With us you have several possibilities to find the right Icelandic horse for you. You can watch the many videos of our large selection of horses for sale in our PonyTV. But you can also get to know your horse on an Iceland holiday organized by us and gain shared experiences with him in the beautiful nature of Iceland and get to know him extensively. Of course, you can also visit us on our farm, get advice from us and go on a horseback ride. Or you can look at our Icelandic horses from the comfort of your own home via the horse profiles. We have divided our sales horses into 3 categories, so that it is easier for you to find the right horse depending on your experience and preferences.

For the getting to know each other, pre-selection, presentation and trying out of the horses, we never plan less than 2 hours for you. In any case, we take the time you need. After you have been welcomed in the office with a coffee or cold drink, we dicuss your wishes, preferences and riding experience. With this knowledge, our decades of experience and competence, we select the right horses, of course with your video favorites, if there is one.
We then present you the selected horses during preparation and under the saddle. For the first contact with your dream horse, you are welcome to “lend a hand” while cleaning, saddling and leading.
Then you will see and experience our favorites for the first time in action under the saddle. If you feel alright, then you can get on the horse back and we guide you gently in your first touch. We always carefully watch the speed, that it fitts to your for your riding experience.
Now your feedback is important. Maybe we will adjust the selection or answer the questions about how to proceed after the sale. Our after-sales packages Meet & Love your horse are very popular and bring you and your horse together even more.

The short answer in advance: YES, and this also applies as well to the purchase via Video.
However, the right of return is a “hard” word. We do not see and treat our horses as commodities, but as living beings. Of course, horse and rider must also be happy with each other. Should it despite the extensive trying out and getting to know each other, or when buying the video, there is always the possibility of return. We will refund 60% of the purchase price within 4 weeks without any questions.

With the aftersales packages we provide you the opportunity to return a horse even after 3 months and refund 90% of the purchase price. The horse stays with us at the stud farm and the packages include the accommodation of the horse, riding, riding lessons, free weekends and also participation in courses. With the purchase of aftersales packages we provide you the opportunity to return a horse even after 3 months and refund 90% of the purchase price of the horse.

Of course, we advise you by phone or at our stud farm. We introduce you to our horses and answer your questions about care, feed and more. Even after the purchase, we will not leave you alone. On our website you will find numerous tips and videos about Icelandic horses. In addition, you can also send us an e-mail at any time.

Yes, we want you and your horse to statisfied. In addition to the detailed advice on buying horses, numerous tips and videos on care, nutrition and more are available on our website in the individual categories.

Of course, you can get a lot of information yourself via our PonyTV and the horse profiles. For further questions or upcoming situations, you will always have a personal contact person available by phone or on site.