Meet us at our farm

Get to know your horse on site

For the getting to know each other, pre-selection, presentation and trying out of the horses, we never plan less than 2 hours for you. In any case, we take the time you need.

After you have been welcomed in the office with a coffee or cold drink, we dicuss your wishes, preferences and riding experience. With this knowledge, our decades of experience and expertise, we select the right horses, of course with your video favourite, if there is one.

We then present you the selected horses during preparation and under the saddle. For the first contact with your dream horse, you are welcome to “lend a hand” while cleaning, saddling and leading.

Then you will see and experience our favorites for the first time in action under the saddle. If you feel alright, then you can get on the horse back and we guide you gently in your first touch. We always carefully watch the speed, that it fitts to your for your riding experience.

Now your feedback is important. Maybe we will adjust the selection or answer the questions about how to proceed after the sale.

Our after-sales packages Meet & Love your horse are very popular and bring you and your horse together even more.

What awaits you at our farm

We take over the organisation.
You can concentrate fully on your horse.

1 to 1 consulting

It is a matter of heart for us to provide comprehensive guidance Together we will determine your abilities and requirements and advise you for your Icelandic horse.

Icelandic Horse Selection

After we can better assess you as a rider and horse lover, we will present you with an exactly fitting horse selection.

Trial riding

Of course you will get to know our horses and have the opportunity to try them out. We are also happy to assist you with this.