Over 30 years of tradition in Icelandic horse breeding

Hannibal vom Bockholts-Hoff

Hannibal vom Bockholts-Hoff is a handsome four gaited stallion with strong legs and enormous gait potential!

Judge’s ruling:
“Strong, well-developed young stallion with a lot of action and speed in trot and canter, showed clear approaches to tölt in the transitions; showed himself with really good spirits and great cooperation.”

Hannibal brings big-framed foals that have a lot of Tölt and a clear gait separation! This exceptional youngster also inherits his excellent character and absolute coolness!


  • Exterieur: 7,80
  • Interieur: 8,10
  • Gates: 8,00
  • BLUP 96
  • Grey
  • Young Horse FIZO: 7,96
  • Futurity Fouryear 2022 – 5 years old: 7,34P
  • Futurity Tölt 2022 – 5 years old 7,13P